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I provide compassionate support for pregnancy and postpartum in Singapore

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Hello I am Silvia Fasana.

I believe that every woman is the best fit for her baby — and can trust their body to bring their child safely to the world.

With the right support, mothers-to-be can enjoy the birthing journey with ease, confidence and love.

Each woman's journey is deeply personal — which is why I believe in creating a safe space, tailored for her to confidently navigate the challenges and joys of pregnancy, labor & the postpartum period.

Being able to help to bring emotional balance, support and extra care to the woman, is a blessing for me.

Silvia helping a pregnant woman exercise, as she sits on an exercise ball.
A pregnant woman exercising, lying on her left side, with Silvia helping her.

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Support for women during pregnancy, childbirth and their postpartum period.

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My experiences as a mother and a professional midwife, have deepened my understanding of the birthing journey.

Motherhood's profound role has always been at the center of my passion — I find immense joy and purpose in parenthood, and pour my heart into raising my children.

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Silvia and her whole family smiling as she carries her baby.
Silvia and her family in a group photo, all smiling.

Every woman has the natural capability of being a mother

A pregnant woman, and her supportive husband standing behind her, and holding her.
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Silvia Fasana holding her book - Eight Hours of Eternity
Silvia Fasana holding her book - Eight Hours of Eternity.
Silvia feeling the baby movements in a pregnant woman's belle with her palm.
A lactating mother carrying her baby, and smiling with Silvia.
A lactating mother breastfeeding her baby, while Silvia plays with the baby.
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I was able to live on my skin all the things I studied on the books and I was used to teach to the pregnant women. 

I decided to come back to work after I dedicated many years of my life to my children.

I decided to come back to study and took the certifications as birth doula and childbirth educator , post partum doula and lactation counsellor  and I’m preparing myself to do the exam to become also a IBCLC consultant.

I always had a big passion for my work , but since I had my kids and I experience also all the difficulties of the motherhood, I feel much more the desire to empower and support all the women trough the amazing journey of become a mother.  

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Silvia carrying a baby, and smiling.
Silvia and her family in a group photo, all smiling.

Every mother is the best for her baby and my desire is to support all the women to discover the beauty of being a mother and being a family.

Silvia carrying a baby, and smiling.
Silvia and her family in a group photo, all smiling.
Silvia and her family holding hands and having fun in a group photo.

I really love to be with the couple during the pregnancy, preparing to become parents and then during the birth. I also really like follow the post partum period, with all the challenges that it brings with it. 

Being able to accompany a couple throughout all these stages is really a privilege, because there is the time to really build a deep trustworthy  relationship: this is really a help for the family and it’s really beautiful and meaningful for me. 

Help them to become aware of the natural capability of being a mother that every women has.

Silvia Fasana - Birth Doula in Singapore.
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I ‘m very passionate about supporting all the mothers who decide to overcome the loss of  a baby and trying to have other kids.

My wish is to dedicate a  special support to all the mothers who face the loss of a baby, at any stage of the pregnancy, help them to cope with the pain and to deal with the grieving.

I dedicate special support and antenatal class to these mums who deal with a new pregnancy after experienced a loss.

Because I tried on my skin this experience ( after my 4th baby passed away I had other 2 kids ) I pride myself to be very empathic and close  with all the mothers who experience such a terrible loss. 

Silvia Fasana holding her book - Eight Hours of Eternity

One of the things I rally love about my job: being able to accompany and help all the mothers who needs to suffer a dramatic and traumatic experience.

In the last 6 years , after I published my book about my baby loss — "Eight hours of eternity". I was in contact with many mums around the world who asked me support to carry on difficult pregnancies or to deal with a loss. 

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