Antenatal Class

Knowledge-packed Antenatal Class

Silvia teaching antenatal classes to a group of pregnant women.

A carefully curated, extraordinary learning experience just for you!

These workshops go beyond the conventional to provide invaluable insights that many parents have found puzzling in the past.

My hands-on teaching style is unique and knowledge packed, such that my clients don’t have to waste time shuffling through Google anymore.

Silvia holding a rubber pelvic bone structure, for demonstration in her antenatal class.

My classes are fun-filled, with lots of practical, tried and tested tips that will help you during your pregnancy, labour, birth, and after birth.

All these while creating a connection between you and other parents during the class.

Silvia demonstrating how to change a diaper for pregnant women, with a baby doll.

During my classes, couples get to learn and understand:

Silvia helping a pregnant woman exercise, as she sits on an exercise ball.
Two pregnant women sitting on exercise balls, with Silvia and one of their husbands behind them.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth basics
    I help you understand the stages of pregnancy and the  birthing process.
  • Labor and delivery options:
    Practical information about natural birth, medicated birth, and different birthing positions.
  • Pain management techniques:
    We will carry out a range of breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and other coping strategies to manage pain during labor in my antenatal classes.
  • Cesarean section:
    Useful information about what to expect if a cesarean birth becomes necessary.
  • Newborn care:
    How to do nappy changing, bathing, and tips for soothing a newborn.
  • Postpartum care:
    Advice on post-birth recovery, emotional well-being, and self-care for new parents.
  • Nutrition and exercise during pregnancy:
    Guidance on maintaining a healthy diet and safe exercises during pregnancy.
  • Childbirth complications:
    Discussion of potential complications and how they might be managed.
  • Partner support:
    I will involve your partners in the birthing process and share with them tips on how to support the labouring woman.
  • Special antenatal class:
    Special antenatal classes for mothers who had previous traumatic experience (miscarriage, infertility, still birth, or genetic anomaly), I offer a safe place to share your past journey and together prepare yourself for the new baby.
Silvia helping a pregnant woman exercise, as she sits on an exercise ball.
Silvia smiling and talking to a pregnant woman as her husband watches.
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